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About Leanote

1. Introduction

Leanote, not just a notepad!

Some Features

  • Knowledge: Manage your knowledge in leanote. leanote contains the tinymce editor and a markdown editor, just enjoy yourself writing.
  • Share: Share your knowledge with your friends in leanote. You can invite your friends to join your notepad in the cloud so you can share knowledge.
  • Cooperation: Collaborate with friends to improve your skills.
  • Blog: Publish your knowledge and make leanote your blog.

2. Why we created leanote

To be honest, our inspiration comes from Evernote. We use Evernote to manage our knowledge everyday. But we find that:
* Evernote’s editor can’t meet our needs, it does not have document navigation, it does not render code properly (as a programmer, syntax highlighted code rendering is a basic need), it cannot resize images and so forth
* We like markdown, but Evernote does not support it.
* We want to share our knowle

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1. 介绍

Leanote, 不只是笔记!


  • 知识管理: 通过leanote来管理知识, leanote有易操作的界面, 包含两款编辑器tinymce和markdown. 在leanote, 你可以尽情享受写作.
  • 分享: 你也可以通过分享知识给好友, 让好友拥有你的知识.
  • 协作: 在分享的同时也可以与好友一起协作知识.
  • 博客: leanote也可以作为你的博客, 将知识公开成博客, 让leanote把你的知识传播的更远!

2. 为什么我们要创建leanote?

说实话, 我们曾是evernote的忠实粉丝, 但是我们也发现evernote的不足:
* evernote的编辑器不能满足我们的需求, 不能贴代码(格式会乱掉, 作为程序员, 代码是我们的基本需求啊), 图片不能缩放.
* 我们是markdown的爱好者, 可是evernote竟然没有.
* 我们也想将知识公开, 所以我们有自己的博客, 如wordpress, 但为什么这两者不能合二为一呢?
* 还有…


leanote是一款私有云笔记, 你可以下载它安装在自己的服务器上, 当然也可以在 上注册.

这里详细整理了leanote二进版和leanote开发版的安装教程, 请移步至:

4. 如何对leanote进行二次开发

请查看 How-to-develop-leanote

6. 贡献者

多谢 贡献者 的贡献, leanote因有你们而更完美!

7. 加入我们

欢迎提交pull requests 到leanote.

有任何问题或建议, 欢迎提交issue.